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Family law was at the heart of the original founding of the Hager Law Firm, and it continues to be some of the most important work Attorneys Sarina Hager and Elizabeth Anderson handle. For them, family has always come first. As mothers themselves, they both understand just how important it is to put children above anything else in a legal case. At the Hager Law Firm, our family law attorneys work hard to help our clients find a solution that’s best for their children and families. With a multifaceted approach that values peace and reconciliation, Attorneys Hager and Anderson aren’t afraid to go to battle when necessary.

Family Law Practice Areas

Families can be complex, and so is family law in Texas. Many different scenarios and cases can fall under the umbrella term of “family law.” And at the Hager Law Firm, we strive to provide clear guidance and support, no matter what situation your family faces.

Adding a new member to your family can be full of joy and excitement. But it can also be an acknowledgment of loss and the feeling of upheaval. When you adopt a new child or when a stepparent adopts their spouse’s child, there are many factors to consider. Protecting your legal rights as parents is important, but so is protecting the children involved in the process.

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With kinship adoption, you may have to choose between an open or private adoption. In either case, our Family Law attorneys can help you ensure your new child is taken care of and adjusting properly to the change. In cases of stepparent adoption, you may need to deal with terminating the rights of the child’s other birth parent. This can be a messy process, but Attorneys Hager and Anderson are here to help ensure as quick and smooth a case as possible for your children.

Deciding to get divorced is never an easy decision, and it can carry a lot of heartbreak and pain. It affects everyone in your family, especially any children you have. While some divorce attorneys take a destructive approach in trying to help their clients ‘win,’ the Hager Law Firm focuses on peaceful resolutions. Messy divorce battles can leave a lot of negative emotions behind, which often hinder future communication. And communication between divorced partners is key if children are involved.

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Instead of trying to ‘win’ a divorce, Attorneys Hager and Anderson walk you through the process one step at a time. They understand how difficult and painful a divorce is, and they look for peaceful solutions whenever possible. But if a peaceful solution isn’t on the table, they will take on a fierce and protective advocacy role to help protect you and your children.

Children thrive in a loving and stable environment, but when divorce or other situations fracture the home, it can create upheaval and uncertainty. Children deserve the right to have as much peace as possible in their families, no matter what. When done properly, child custody agreements can help create a peaceful and stable routine for children after a divorce or breakup. If the parents were never married, these agreements can help establish their roles early on.

When dealing with a child custody case, Attorneys Hager and Anderson always put the child’s best interests first. They are honest with their clients and will fight for solutions that benefit the children most, not the parents. While finding a peaceful resolution that involves fair and shared custody is usually best, it’s not always an option. In these cases, the Hager Law Firm will fight hard to ensure your children are safe and protected.

Family law covers a lot of practice areas, not just the ones listed here. At the Hager Law Firm, our family law attorneys are ready to help you with whatever situation may arise. If you have questions about a potential family law case, contact us today for a free consultation.

Why Choose the Hager Law Firm for Family Law?

When it comes to your family, you want to make sure you’re making the right decisions. And with an experienced and passionate family law attorney from the Hager Law Firm, you can do just that. Attorneys Hager and Anderson don’t just represent you in court; they are advocates for you and your children.

No matter what the situation is, children are the most important family members in a family law case. As parents, Attorneys Hager and Anderson understand how crucial it is to protect children during a legal case. With a history of PTA experience and foster parenting, Attorneys Hager and Anderson have been advocating for children both inside and outside of the law firm. And now they’re here to help advocate for your children’s needs.

At the Hager Law Firm, we believe in a face-to-face relationship with our clients. While our supporting team members will help with some of the legwork, we believe in a more personal approach. When you work with one of our family law attorneys, you’ll get to know them as much as they’ll get to know you. We believe this face-to-face relationship helps build trust and confidence that you’ve made the right choice for your family.

Family law can be difficult and emotionally charged. At the Hager Law Firm, we understand and acknowledge your pain. While we fight hard for solutions, we also provide compassion and care. You matter, not just as a client but as an individual. We’ll walk you through these tough legal situations as gently as possible while finding the most promising solutions.

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Family law can get messy, and you need someone who knows its ins and outs. With over a dozen years of experience handling family law in Tyler, TX, Attorneys Hager and Anderson have the expertise you need to ensure your family is taken care of.

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