About Sarina

Sarina Hager is an experienced, passionate attorney who proudly serves the Tyler, TX and East Texas community. Unlike some attorneys who don’t see the heart behind the dispute, Sarina takes a different approach to the legal process. She doesn’t just see cases and courtrooms; she sees people, and she has a deep desire to help them.

As a Tyler attorney, Sarina Hager has been licensed to practice since 1993. Having spent the past 12 years in the city of Tyler, Sarina loves the Tyler community and is happy to serve its members. 

Sarina has many years of experience as an attorney, and she’s practiced across several branches of the law. For example, some of her earliest experiences as an attorney included practicing corporate law for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Though Sarina primarily practices family law now, she pulls from all of her experiences as she fights for children and families.

In addition to her decades of legal experience, Sarina brings plenty of other relevant experience to the table, including: 

  • Nonprofit Management 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Christian Ministry 
  • Fundraising and Event Planning 
  • Foster Parenting 
  • PTA Leadership 

All of these experiences inform Sarina’s work as an attorney, a leader, and a shepherd for her community. 

Sarina’s Practice 

Sarina Hager practices three areas of law: wills and estate planning, school law, and family law. 

Wills and Estate Planning 

Drafting a will can be a complex process, whether you’re drawing up a will for the first time or making modifications to an existing will. You have a lot of factors to consider, and you want to divide your assets in the fairest and least complicated way possible. Meanwhile, planning your estate can also be an emotional process. Nobody enjoys thinking about what will happen after they’re gone. 

When you’re ready to draft your will and plan your estate, you need an experienced attorney who understands the complexities of this process and can help you navigate those complexities. That’s why Sarina’s clients recommend her for estate planning. She understands the ins and outs of the process, and she approaches that process with compassion. 

School Law 

School law includes any rules, laws, and codes of conduct that surround public school education. Sarina represents clients whose cases involve school law. She brings her experience as an attorney, a PTA president, and a school curriculum researcher into her school law practice. 

Family Law 

Family law is Sarina’s biggest focus and passion. Her family law practice includes all of the following areas: 

  • Adoptions 
  • Stepparent adoptions 
  • Divorce 
  • Child custody disputes 
  • Modifications of existing child custody agreements 
  • SAPCR (suit affecting the parent-child relationship) 
  • CPS investigations and child reunification efforts 
  • Ad-Litem and Amicus services 

Family law is perhaps the most complex form of law. When legal cases involve children and families, the people affected by the suit need a strong but caring attorney who values peace but is also not afraid to fight. Sarina’s wisdom and compassion have made her a highly-sought-after choice when it comes to family law. That’s why many of her clients have recommended her to others. 

Child Advocacy Always 

When you look for an attorney who practices family law, you want someone who values family and children above everything else. As a mom of six, Sarina is passionate about child advocacy. In fact, child advocacy is in everything Sarina does, even when she’s off the clock. When representing you or your family, Sarina will always put your children’s best interests first. Her biggest concern in any family law situation is what’s best for the children. 

An Attorney With a Compassionate Approach 

Whether practicing family law, school law, or will and estate planning, Sarina takes a compassionate approach to everything she does. Most of the people who approach Sarina are going through a difficult time — often the most difficult time of their lives. That’s why Sarina approaches each of her clients with the listening ear and care that they deserve. Sarina sees herself as more than an attorney; Sarina is an advocate. 

Contact Sarina for a Consultation 

When hiring an attorney, sometimes the biggest step is making that first phone call. Get in touch with Sarina today to get started with your consultation. Sarina will take the time to get to know you and understand your situation. 

What our clients say

We were apprehensive when we learned you would not be handling Ashley’s court appearance last Friday and Cary Christie would be handling the hearing. Our apprehension proved to be unfounded. Cary did an exemplary job. Prior to the hearing, she spent considerable time getting to know Ashley and the details of the case. As to be expected, Ashley was very nervous about appearing in Court and telling her story to the Judge. Cary put her at ease and helped Ashley get through what was a very emotional and very stressful situation for her.
We were well pleased.

-Richard Perryman
*Client's name has been changed for confidentiality.