The United States government has put many laws in place to ensure all children have access to a good education. Education laws work to protect children and guarantee that they are receiving the education they need and deserve. Covering everything from school board meetings to curriculums, education law is a complicated and complex area of practice. At the Hager Law Firm, our team of educational lawyers, led by Attorney Fritz Hager, works hard to ensure your children are safe and protected while at school.

If your public school fails to follow state and federal laws, the Hager Law Firm will work hard to protect your children’s rights. Each county has its own rules and regulations regarding public education. Attorney Hager has the working knowledge of the Smith County school district needed to fight for your children’s rights and education.

Areas of Practice

Education law covers a wide range of practice areas. No matter what issue you have with your school, Attorney Hager can help you understand the specific laws and the best ways to move forward.

Title IX is an educational amendment that bars discrimination based on sex. Any school that receives federal funding cannot legally discriminate in sports, classes, or other school activities, and all children deserve the opportunity to participate in activities regardless of sex. Attorney Hager can offer counsel in case of Title IX violations.

Title VI is an amendment that outlaws discrimination based on protected categories. Those categories include race, country of origin, and color. Schools that violate Title VI risk losing their federal funding. No child should face discrimination in the classroom based on protected categories. Attorney Hager understands the Title VI amendment and may be able to help with discrimination cases.

As part of Texas Code Educ. 25.901, children have the right to pray or practice other non-disruptive religious activities during school. As long as your child can pray while sitting still and quietly at their desk, they have the right to do so. Many schools also offer meetings for religious groups before, during, and after school that can allow adequate prayer or religious activity time.

This law also protects students from participating in religious activities they do not agree with. This means an atheist student cannot be forced to pray. Faculty and teachers can educate students about religions, as is often needed for history or political classes, but cannot favor one religion over the other.

If you’re concerned about your child’s religious rights in school, the Hager Law Firm can help you understand your specific school’s religious regulations and determine if there’s any need for legal action.

Every child deserves an education regardless of physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. However, some schools fail to meet the educational needs of their disabled students. Disabled students have the right to an education with accommodations. When disabled students don’t receive reasonable accommodations, their education suffers. Education law attorneys help make sure that these accommodations are met. The Hager Law Firm is committed to fighting for all students, regardless of ability status.

As a government entity, public schools and their employees are protected from certain legal actions, such as suing for public injury. If your child is injured or suffers property damage while at school, getting compensation can be difficult but not impossible. Attorney Hager has extensive background knowledge on school district immunity and is ready to put his experience to use to help protect your child’s rights.

Why Choose the Hager Law Firm for Education Law Services?

When you send your child to school, you want to trust that they are getting a good education in a safe environment. But this isn’t always the case. When schools fail to uphold their duties to your children, you need an experienced law firm you can count on to protect their rights. At the Hager Law Firm, our years of experience dealing with Smith County education law make us the perfect partner for your case.

When any case deals with a child, Attorney Hager is dedicated to advocating for their rights. Children aren’t always capable of protecting themselves, and we believe it’s a privilege to go to bat for them. Educational law is in place to protect students and ensure they are getting a proper education. When it fails, the Hager Law Firm is there to help shine a light on the issue and rectify the situation. We fight hard to ensure a child’s rights are always protected and advocated for in any case.

Each state and county has its own variations of education law. Attorney Hager and his team of education lawyers have worked with the Smith County education system for years, learning all there is to know about their specific laws. With this knowledge, he’s ready to help you protect your children and deal with any public school issue that comes your way.

One of the best ways to understand the school system is to be a part of it. Our education lawyers have an insider’s perspective as members of the PTA committee and serving on the Tyler ISD School Health Advisory Council themselves. By learning about the Tyler, TX, school system firsthand, our attorneys have developed a deeper understanding of the challenges both schools and students face. This means we know what it takes to make a difference in a school system to help protect your children.

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If you’re concerned about the safety or well-being of your child in school, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today. Call our office at (903) 466-0001 or send an email to to schedule an initial consultation about your case as soon as possible. Attorney Hager is dedicated to advocating for students’ rights and helping you navigate the tricky business of Texas education law.