Residents of Gilmer in Upshur County enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And in Gilmer, family values are important. When situations arise that require a family law attorney, Hager Law shares those values. 

In any Upshur County family law case, children should be the priority. Sarina Hager is deeply committed to the needs of children and works hard to advocate for their needs. She is a local East Texas resident who has served Upshur County families for over 12 years. As a recognized face in the Upshur County courthouse, Sarina Hager works hard to put the needs of moms and children first. 

Hager Law

Hager Law has an excellent track record for achieving peaceful resolutions in Gilmer family law cases. As the principal attorney, Sarina Hager is also skilled at fighting for the rights of family members when necessary. However, she doesn’t just see cases and courtrooms; she sees the faces of the people she represents in the Upshur County area. 

A legal separation or divorce is a difficult time and typically the first experience Gilmer residents have with the court system. It can be an intimidating process, and selecting the right attorney eases some of the stress. In difficult times, it helps to have an attorney who balances compassion and legal skill. Sarina Hager meets these needs and understands as a mom herself. 

When taking your family to Lake Gilmer, the last thing you want to worry about is child custody issues. Peaceful resolutions that focus on the children involved are the best solutions. However,  choosing Hager Law as your family law attorney in Upshur County is a step in that direction.

Family Law

Family law issues can involve more than divorce. Sometimes they involve the joy of adoption, and Hager Law is there to help guide you through this process as well. Or if you are a grandparent seeking access to your grandchildren, Sarina Hager is dedicated to achieving the best results for everyone involved. Regardless of your family case, you can rest assured that choosing Hager Law for representation puts your children first. 

Will and estate planning for Gilmer residents is another Hager Law specialty. Whether your estate is a simple matter or involves more complicated issues like blended families, Sarina Hager has the necessary knowledge of Texas law to handle your needs. Selecting Hager Law for your will and estate planning means your attorney understands your family values. 

Hager Law is a resource in times of need for families in Gilmer and Upshur County. If you have questions about a family law matter or to schedule a consultation, contact Hager Law today