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Ways to Prevent DWI Accidents

with a Tyler TX DWI accident lawyer, you can defend yourself against hefty charges

..Car accidents can cause severe injury, property damage, and even death. Avoiding accidents is the best way to keep yourself and your fellow drivers safe on the road. While a Tyler, TX, DWI accident lawyer can help you with the aftermath, the best way to prevent an arrest or lawsuit is to always drive sober. If you know you are going to be drinking, or there might be a chance of drinking, there are ways you can prevent a DWI accident and keep everyone on the road safe.

Choose a Designated Driver

Having a designated driver is a great way to enjoy a night out with your friends or family without the prospect of a DWI accident in the future. A designated driver is committed to staying sober so they can safely drive everyone home. Designated drivers are often given additional benefits at locations like bars and clubs, as the owners appreciate their dedication to keeping the roads safe. Being a designated driver might get you access to free admission or water/soda throughout the night. And the knowledge that you’re helping to keep the roads free of DWI accidents is a reward all on its own.

Take Taxis/Rideshares

If you are alone, or no one in the group wants to be a designated driver, the next best way to avoid a DWI accident is to take a taxi or rideshare service to your destination. While the initial cost of a ride may seem unnecessary, it’s nothing compared to the costs associated with a DWI accident. While a Tyler, TX, DWI accident lawyer can help offset some of the charges and lawsuits, you’ll save more money by avoiding an accident or arrest altogether. 


Depending on where you live, walking or taking public transportation may not be the safest option. When you are inebriated, you lose awareness and responsive skills. You could be vulnerable to theft or assault, especially if you’re alone. Taking a taxi or rideshare service can help keep you safe.

What to Do if You’re in a DWI Accident

If you do find yourself in a DWI accident, try to remain calm. The first step you should take is to survey the damage. Make sure anyone who needs medical attention is taken care of. When the police arrive at the scene, comply with their requests, but avoid saying anything incriminating. You’ll be asked to take a breathalyzer test and will likely be taken to the local police station for processing under a DWI charge.


Contact your lawyer as soon as possible. If you do not have a DWI attorney, you can call a trusted friend or family member to arrange one for you. It’s important that you don’t say anything about the accident until you’ve spoken with your attorney. If questioned, firmly (yet politely) inform the officers that you won’t speak until you’ve met with your lawyer. 

How DWI Accidents are Handled

When you’re in a DWI accident, you’ll face legal charges. There are also often personal injury or property damage lawsuits from anyone else involved. Working with a DWI accident attorney can help you make sense of the case against you. You can also find ways to lessen your punishments. Unfortunately, a DWI charge that also resulted in an accident is often much more severe than a regular DWI charge. If convicted, drivers face hefty fines, jail time, and license suspension. A DWI accident has a dramatic effect on your life and the lives of those on the road. Avoiding driving while intoxicated is the best way to prevent legal charges and injury to others.

Experienced Tyler, TX DWI Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you know was in a DWI accident, contact the Hager Law Firm today. Our team of experienced Tyler, TX, DWI accident lawyers is ready to help you defend your case with all the knowledge and compassion needed. With our help, you can understand more about the charges you face and ways to lessen the associated punishments. 


Avoiding a DWI accident is always the ideal situation, but it’s not always possible. If you face a DWI charge, don’t face it alone. Call the Hager Law Firm today at (903) 466-0001 to schedule a consultation about your case. You can learn more about how our DWI accident attorneys can help you.

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