Practice Areas

Family law is the most important part of Sarina’s work at Hager Law. For Sarina, family always comes first, and children matter above everything else in a legal case. Sarina helps her clients work toward what’s best for their children and family. She takes a multifaceted approach that values peace and reconciliation, but she’s also not afraid to go to battle when necessary. As a mom and a child advocate, Sarina takes family law seriously, and she’s deeply committed to meeting children’s needs. Learn more about our practice areas.

Practice Areas 

Families are complex, and so is family law. Family law encompasses many areas. Below are just some of the practice areas in which Sarina has experience. 

Adoption and Stepparent Adoption 

Adoptions are the beauty that comes from the ashes of brokenness.  They are also a symbol of restoration and hope!  Whether adopting a stepchild, a foster child, a grandchild, or an unrelated child through private adoption or through CPS, there are critical requirements at every step that can make the process a dream or a nightmare.  As an experienced family law attorney, Sarina can help protect the legal rights of birth parents, prospective adoptive parents, and most importantly, the children at the heart of the matter.


Deciding to get a divorce is a difficult decision that comes with a lot of heartbreak and pain.  As a married woman for 30 years, Sarina’s commitment to the “hard work” of marriage is something she understands well and uses in her unique approach to divorce law.  

Some divorce attorneys take a destructive approach, barreling over everything in their path to help their client “win” at all costs.  This approach can leave families reeling and left to sort through the wreckage of post-divorce trauma on their own.  Sarina’s method works differently. First and foremost, Sarina encourages potential clients to fight for their marriage before they fight for a divorce. She helps her clients understand their legal rights of property division, temporary and future support, child custody, child support, and medical support, so that they avoid unnecessary anxiety or unrealistic expectations.  In divorce proceedings with or without minor children, she is especially mindful of her responsibility to shepherd people through this storm with an eye toward the light of a new beginning.  She looks for peaceful solutions whenever possible, but when peaceful solutions aren’t possible, she takes on a fierce and protective advocacy role. 

Child Custody Agreements 

Children deserve a loving, stable environment where they can grow and thrive. They also deserve to see as much peace as possible in their families and home—whether they have one home or two.  Child custody agreements, when done well, can help develop a stable and peaceful routine for children after a divorce or breakup. They can also help clarify and establish the duties and responsibilities of both parents if those parents were never married. 

When Sarina works on child custody cases, she always puts the child’s best interest above everything else. She’s honest with her clients and fights for solutions that will benefit their children the most. 

Other Family Law Services  

Family law includes a lot of practice areas, from establishing paternity and child support to protecting children and adults from abuse or neglect, from protecting assets to fairness and equity in dividing them, from creating new agreements to modifying existing ones. Sarina has represented clients with a wide range of family law concerns. If you have questions about a potential family law issue, contact Hager Law with your questions. 

Why Choose Sarina Hager for Family Law? 

Choosing a family law attorney is a big decision, and making the right choice is important.  An attorney should provide more than representation; they should provide the advocacy that your family needs and deserves. Sarina Hager provides that advocacy. Here are some of the reasons Sarina’s clients have recommended her to others:

Children First 

The children are the most important people in any family law matter. From adoption to divorce, children should always come first. As a mother of six children, Sarina advocates for children in everything she does. Child advocacy is her biggest concern, both inside and outside her law practice. Sarina’s history of child advocacy includes local and district PTA leadership, training and awareness of child sex trafficking in East Texas, school health initiatives, foster parenting, and more. 

Compassionate Help 

Family law involves some of the most difficult life circumstances. Sarina never glosses over her clients’ pain. As she fights for solutions, she also provides compassionate help. Sarina knows that each of her clients matter, and each of their situations matter. She walks her clients through these tough legal situations and helps them find the most promising solutions. 

Years of Experience 

Sarina has years of experience, both as an attorney and as a family advocate. She’s been licensed to practice law for many years, and she’s spent 12 of those years right here in Tyler, TX. Her legal experience spans a wide range of subjects. 

Contact Sarina Hager for a Consultation 

When it comes to family law, having the right attorney can make all the difference in your legal experience. If you have questions about a family law situation, contact Sarina at Hager Law to ask questions or schedule your consultation.